Refurbished Inventory

Our showroom features quality reconditioned pianos for sale.
A variety of pianos are represented, from petite spinets, professional studio models,
century-old uprights, and modern concert grands.

Our piano purchase package includes delivery, one complimentary tuning within the first six months of delivery, and, unless otherwise noted, a two-year warranty on parts and labor.
Delivery valid for North Portland and Clark County customers. Outside areas may be subject to an additional delivery fee.

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Manufacturer and Make: Steinway Grand "B"
Year: 1888
Serial Number: 62231
Price: $29,999


Manufacturer and Make: Steinway Grand "M" Ex-Player
Year: 1921
Serial Number: 407324
Price: $14,000
This piano is housed off-site and is available for viewing by appointment only.


Manufacturer: Chickering Baby Grand 5'6"
Year: 1919

Serial Number: 131325
Price: $6,650


Manufacturer and Make: J Becker Baby Grand 4'11"
Serial Number: 9400096
Price: $5,499
Consignment Sale - please call for more information.


Manufacturer and Make: Tokai Baby Grand 4'11"
Year: 1982
Serial Number: 20436
Price: $3,499


Manufacturer and Make: Young Chang Upright
Year: 2001
Serial Number: 55298
Price: $3,149


Manufacturer and Make: Baldwin Console
Year: 2007
Serial Number: 486523
Price: $2,199
Consignment Sale - please call for more information.


Manufacturer and Make: Gulbransen Studio
Year: 1929
Serial Number: 292513
Price: $1,400


Manufacturer and Make: Acronsonic Spinet
Year: 1961
Serial Number: 686958
Price: $1,200


Manufacturer and Make: Story & Clark Console
Year: 1966
Serial Number: 376476
Price: $1,000
Available "as is" with no warranty.

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