Refurbished Inventory

Our showroom features quality reconditioned pianos -  from petite spinets to concert grands -
we have the right piano for everyone.



Manufacturer and Make: Steinway Grand "M" Ex-Player
Year: 1921
Serial Number: 407324
Price: $14,000
This piano is housed off-site and is available for viewing by appointment only.


Manufacturer and Make: Kawai Grand
Year: 1980
Size: 5'9"

Serial Number: 1213310
Price: $7,500


Manufacturer: Chickering Baby Grand 5'6"
Year: 1919

Serial Number: 131325
Price: $4,500


Manufacturer and Make: J Becker Baby Grand 4'11"
Serial Number: 9400096
Price: 2,000


Manufacturer and Make: Farrand Baby Grand 5'0
Year: 1922
Serial Number: 31756
Price: $2,000


Manufacturer and Make: Young Chang Upright
Year: 2001
Serial Number: 55298
Price: $2,000


Manufacturer: Estey
Style: Console
Year: 1961
Serial Number: 176067
Price: $900


Manufacturer: Gulbransen
Style: Spinet
Year:  1960

Serial Number: 485141
Price: $800


Manufacturer and Make: Bach Spinet
Serial Number: 56257
Price: $700


Manufacturer: Baldwin
Style: Spinet
Year: 1943
Serial Number: 97751
Price: $700


Manufacturer: Cable Nelson
Style: Spinet
Year: 1951
Serial Number: 231533
Price: $650

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