Miscellaneous Parts for Sale


Large variety pack filled with assorted hammers, damper sections, and wippen sections for $50 (includes tax and shipping). If you live local to the school and are able to pick your package up, the cost is $25 plus tax as applicable. Please contact Dawn Mattson for order and shipping information. 


PIANO PARTS: Please note this is an incomplete list as we are updating it on a daily basis
Antique Upright Whippen w/ Jack
Antique Upright Whippens 1/4″
AntiqueUpright Grand Whippens 1/4″
Assorted Knobs – 2 for $1 or snack size bag of approximately 100 for $10






Butts -Upright
Chickering Butt Dampers 1889
Chickering Upright used Hammer Butts
Chickering Upright Whippens
Chickering Upright Whippens 1889
Console Direct Blow Whippens
Console Whippens – Assorted
Console Whippens Direct Blow used
Console Whippens Long Flanges
Damper Levers
Full Board Locks
Grand Backchecks used
Grand Damper Heads w/ Felts
Grand Flanges – Billings Whippens
Grand Hammer Shanks and Flanges
Grand Hammer Shanks Flanges w/ heads
Grand Hammer Shanks w/ Flanges
Grand Hammer Shanks w/ Hammer
Grand Hammer Shanks w/o Flanges
Grand Hammers – compete set new
Grand Hammers and Shanks used
Grand Hammers and Shanks used Baldwin
Grand Mason & Hamlin Shanks w/ Flanges
Grand Shank w/ Hammer  Rare
Grand Shanks & Flanges no Hammer
Grand Whippen Sections
Grand Whippens
Grand Whippens used
Grand Whippens Very Rare
Jacks and Flanges
Kawai Upright Hammer Butts
Kimball Grand Whippen Sections
North American Hammer Butts
Spinet Assocrted Elbows with wires
Spinet Elbow Whippens – no stickers
Spinet Whippen Sections 5 1/2″
Spinet Whippens
Spinet Whippens w/ stickers Wood & Brooks
Spinet Whippens with Elbow – 5 1/2″ stickers
Steinway “O” Hammers and Flanges
Steinway Grand Console Whippens sect. w/no Flanges
Steinway Grand Hammers and Whippens
Steinway Grand Whippen sections w/o Dlanges
Steinway Hammer Shanks
Steinway Hammers
Steinway Upright Hammer Butts Double Flanges
Steinway Upright Whippens
Steinway Whippen Section
Steinway Whippens and Hammers Complete
Universal Stickers
Upright Antique Hammer Sections
Upright Antique Whippens w/ stickers
Upright Asian Butts (valuable)
Upright Console Whippens
Upright Double Flange Hammer Sections
Upright hammer Bolts w/ Flanges
Upright Hammer Butts Double Flanges used
Upright Hammer Butts w/ Billing Flanges
Upright Hammer Butts w/ Billings new
Upright Hammer Butts w/o Flanges
Upright and Spinet Hammer Shanks – Package of 10 for $1
Upright Jacks
Upright Old Whippens w/ 7 3/4″ stickers
Upright Player Piano Whippens w/ 8 1/4″ stickers
Upright Whippen no stickers
Upright Whippen Sections 4″ stickers w/ Loss Motion Compensator – RARE
Upright Whippen w/ 6″ stickers
Upright Whippens
Upright Whippens Direct Blow
Upright Whippens Direct Blow w/ Long Flange
Upright Whippens no stickers
Wire – sizes 5-23 – $6 per pound