Casey Harris of X Ambassadors


We LOVE Casey as a musician: X Ambassador’s Official Site

We LOVED Casey as a student:

“Casey was a laid back, easy going, and very enjoyable student to work with. The School of Piano Technology for the Blind staged a number of fundraising dinners while Casey was attending and the students participated in a variety of ways. One day, while staff and students were brainstorming a new act for one of the events a student broke a piano string which was the inspiration for Casey’s composition of a piece he called “Ode to a Broken String.” It was an “interesting and unique” piece of music because while Casey played the piano in the conventional manner, he was also plucking the strings with his fingers. It was a lot of fun to perform and the audience really enjoyed it.  I am so proud of Casey, he has achieved his dream of performing as a professional musician and also has training and skills as a piano technician which he can use to supplement his income if ever he may need it.”  Don Mitchell, Director of Instruction

“Casey had so many encouraging thoughts for me when I expressed frustrations about going blind. One phrase he will always “own” in my opinion is “blind power.” He never looked at his vision as a handicap, but more as a privilege that made him different or special in a good way. His life touched our whole family and it was a joy to have him in our lives for the time that I was a student at the School of Piano Technology for the Blind. I really enjoyed attending the school with Casey. He was an old soul with a lot of knowledge about the music world and a broad appreciation for different styles of music. He is very smart and piano technology training seemed really easy for him. He bailed me out more than once during class discussions when I was stumped by a question from our instructor, Don Mitchell. This is a short summary of the many highlights of attending school with Casey. He was my surrogate son but also my friend and a lot of fun. We all miss him.”  Lori Amstutz, School of Piano Technology for the Blind Classmate

“I recall first meeting Casey and instantly being taken in by his infectious personality. Casey radiated positivity and kindness. He always showed great interest in everyone’s piano projects. Never cocky, he had the ability to retain all of the rigorous information we were given in training. He could repeat it back to you Word for Word many weeks later, in such a way that was helpful. I don’t think that Casey realized that he had a great talent for teaching, but yet he did. In addition to his great musicianship, his ability to unyieldingly demonstrate kindness to others, only enhanced his craftsmanship as a piano technician.”  Shawn Brock, School of Piano Technology for the Blind Classmate

“When I think back on my time with Casey while we were students together at the Piano Hospital, I am filled with affection and gratitude. After months of being the lone student at the school during my first year, Casey’s arrival in 2005 provided me with a lunch buddy, a sympathetic ear on the days when the pianos seemed to be an overwhelming challenge, and an invaluable source of both levity and camaraderie in the workroom. He also proved himself to be a talented, resourceful technician, quick to grasp difficult concepts and develop the keen dexterity necessary for piano work. 

Even back then, still a teenager, it was not just Casey’s dream, but his goal to eventually become a professional musician. He put himself in a position to achieve his ambitions with the talent, moxie, and ferocious love of life that I occasionally glimpsed beneath his laid-back exterior when he was a student a decade ago. My fondness for Casey runs deep and I could not be more thrilled for him and his well-deserved success with the X Ambassadors.” Laura Walker, School of Piano Technology for the Blind Classmate

We LOVE him as our advocate:  Thank you!

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