Adoption stories

The Blackthorn Family of Vancouver requested a piano for their 16 year-old daughter who plays the viola and is an all-around lover of music. Although she has had keyboards of varying quality since she was five, she always “lit up” when encountering a real piano.

Her parents shared that she has a “whole-life” love of music and it would mean the world to them to see and hear her play a piano that belonged to her. Thanks to the generosity of David and Karla Clegg, the Blackthorns received a Geo P Bent spinet.

"Our 'new' piano was delivered last Friday; we are thrilled to have it.  I can promise the piano will see lots of use.  I can hardly stand to be away from it--such joy--picking up where I left off so many years ago.  My husband is also spending some time enjoying it.  Our grandchildren were both captivated and completely unafraid, and they can both do that thing I've always struggled with--just sit down and play!

I cannot thank you enough for making this happen for us.  One of my favorite life goals is to Inspire Creativity; another is to Make Music.  This wonderful piano is already helping both.  Again, with all my heart, thank you!"

“This piano brings music to our lives,” said Pennington, a 92 year-old resident of the apartments which are managed by the Vancouver Housing Authority. “It provides residents an opportunity to practice and perform for friends, neighbors, and relatives at our many social gatherings and get-togethers. With almost half the residents of the apartments speaking either English or Russian/Ukraine, the piano will foster an opportunity where language is not an obstacle and people can bond over the appreciation of music.” 

The Hahn Family of Venersburg applied for a piano for their musically-gifted daughter, a 4.0 Honor Roll Student who plays French horn and trumpet, and using an old toy keyboard, is “self-taught” on the piano. Her parents, in an effort to help her fulfill her ambition to continue playing the piano, had scoured Craig's List and local newspapers searching for an affordable piano they could transport, tune up, and that would fit into their smaller home in order to provide their daughter a lifetime of musical opportunity and learning. Through the Piano Adoption Program, the Hahn’s received a Doll & Sons upright piano donated by the Pelkey Family of Vancouver.

NorthStar Clubhouse, a day program for adults with mental illness, helps members decrease their isolation by providing access to support, skills, employment, and new friends. With several talented musicians accessing services at the center, the staff had hoped for a piano for several years but didn’t have funding available to pay for the purchase, move, and tuning costs of a piano. Thanks to the generosity of Karen Huebschman of Vancouver, the Northstar Clubhouse received a Baldwin Acrosonic spinet which is played regularly, has brought great happiness to the clients, and lessened the stress of living with a mental illness.

A beautiful Kawai studio, donated by David and Jean Akers of Vancouver, was placed in the community room of the new Hough Early Learning Center which serves children ages 3-5 enrolled in the state’s Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP).